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Why Are We So Addicted to Mysteries Like ?Making a Murderer??

Why Are We So Addicted to Mysteries Like ?Making a Murderer??Why we can?t turn away from shows like Serial and Making a Murderer. (Photo: Getty Images)

New A&E Show ?Fit to Fat to Fit? Makes Trainers Gain Weight ? But What Does it Prove?

New A&E Show ?Fit to Fat to Fit? Makes Trainers Gain Weight ? But What Does it Prove?Adonis Hill, a trainer on the upcoming show ?Fit to Fat to Fit,? went from weighing 217 pounds to 286 pounds by consuming 8,000 calories a day.

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Invision Filmworks Acquires Traphouse a Play to Premier for Houston Theatre
Invision Filmworks announces its first foray into theater with the acquisition of Traphouse. Traphouse will be cast later this month and will begin production by early next year.
Land of Books and Honey Shop Extends Rock Bottom Prices for the Season
Customers can enjoy Black Friday and Cyber Monday prices for the remainder of the holiday season.
Donna M. Zadunajsky, award winning author, announces release of second book in the Help Me series

Founder, Lisa Diersen loved the story and declared it The Festival Directors Choice
The Sidekicks Come to Boston's Southcoast Comic Con and Animefest
TV sidekicks with Kick! SuperGirl's Jeremy Jordan and Buffy's Nicholas Brendon join the fans at Boston's SouthCoast Comic Con and AnimeFest this December 9-10 at Hanover Mall's Event Center 1775 Washington St, Hanover, Massachusetts. 02339.
Top Federal Business Opportunities for FY 2018 in Information Technology
The highest value opportunity on this year's list of IT Federal Business Opportunities is predicted to be 30 billion dollars; whereas the lowest is 3.5 billion dollars.
New Resource For Fledgling T-Shirt Businesses
With the explosion of small independent t-shirt design businesses over the last ten years, there has been a subsequent increase in need for quality resources. How To Heat Press is rising up to meet this need.
Top Ranking for Warners' Agricultural Team in Two Legal Directories
Young Entrepreneur from Denmark Wants to Conquer the World with Her New and Creative Book Series
Nhi Do is a young Danish entrepreneur, which she proudly shows off in her new series of books. Story No. 9 is a global novelty, as a new an innovative gift concept which will officially be launched worldwide on November 11, 2017.
Nopoku Launches African Inspired Online Store in North America
Nopoku's online store conveniently provides access to distinctive, exciting and diverse clothing and accessories with a few clicks.
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TPS: What it is and how it's changing

TPS: What it is and how it's changingThe Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is determining the future residency of more than 300,000 Central Americans and Haitians who have been in the United States under the Temporary Protected Status program. Q: WHAT IS TPS? TPS is meant to provide short-term protection from deportation for people who can?t return to their home country because of natural disasters, civil unrest, or health crises.

Brexit: Could Britain change its mind?

Brexit: Could Britain change its mind?Britain?s exit from the bloc. British Prime Minister Theresa May may be breathing a sigh of relief that London last week overcame the first major hurdle in its negotiating marathon ? a deal on the practical aspects of the divorce. In a show of what the press has dubbed ?Bregret,? more voters now think Britain was the wrong choice to leave the EU than still think it was the right decision ? 47 percent to 42 percent, according to a YouGov poll.

What foiled New York subway attack says about lone-wolf bombers

What foiled New York subway attack says about lone-wolf bombersWhen New York officials gathered outside the Port Authority in Manhattan on Monday to discuss the failed subway bombing a few hours earlier, they expressed a city?s collective sense of relief. On a packed subway system that serves more than 5.6 million riders, its cars and platforms teeming with shoulder-to-shoulder commuters every workday, many New Yorkers have long been aware of the havoc a single explosion could wreak. ?Let?s be clear, as New Yorkers, our lives revolve around the subways,? said Mayor Bill de Blasio on Monday.

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Alabama election: Democrat Jones defeats Roy Moore in Senate upset
Doug Jones wins a Senate seat for Alabama after a bitter campaign against Trump-backed Roy Moore.
Muslim nations urge recognition of East Jerusalem as Palestinian capital
Heads of 57 Muslim nations say the US move to recognise the city as Israel's capital is unlawful.
Baby has heart put back inside chest
How a baby born with her heart outside her body has survived after surgery at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester.
Yemen war: Air strikes on rebel prison in Sanaa 'kill 30'
At least 30 people are reportedly killed as Saudi-led attacks hit a Houthi prison in Sanaa.
'Feminism' is Merriam-Webster dictionary's word of the year
The #MeToo campaign, women's marches and "pussyhat" protesters help decide Merriam-Webster's choice.
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